What’s Holding You Back From Living Your Greatest Life?

What holds you back from living your greatest life now? So many of us have doubts, fears and uncertainties that hold us back. Maybe it was past rejection or adversities you faced as a child. Maybe it’s a failure to believe that you have the ability within you to get it done.

Give yourself permission to attack greatness now. We are roughly six months into the year — have you done an honest evaluation of the daily decisions you’ve made up to this point? Has your own thinking held you back from what it takes to achieve success?

Pull away from allowing your feelings to dictate how you show up. Reconnect with the daily disciplines that will drive high levels of success in your life. This process always starts with making sure you’re connected to your purpose. What is in your heart? What drives you?

If you know the answers to these questions, give yourself permission to think bigger and to get after it on a whole new level. If you don’t, spend time working on finding the answers to unlock the potential within you.

So where are you for the year? Have you given up because you are already behind on your goals? Don’t forget that challenge and adversity are often where you find your greatest strength. Don’t give up now. I don’t care how far behind you might be; this is an opportunity for you to see what you are made of and to fight like you have never fought before.

If we focus on things that are out of our control, like certain outcomes, it creates stress and pressure. But if we stay focused on our effort and on our daily discipline of winning one day at a time, it causes us to stay locked in to perform at a higher level.

Connect to a deeper level of your purpose. Stay focused on what you can control: your daily effort. Recognize, as I have from having the opportunity to coach some of the top performers in the world of business and in sports, that we all have the ability to control an ideal state of focus with our mindset. What I have described above is a way for you to lock in on a deeper level to the things that you can control to take your results in life to the next level. Choose to be intentional. Choose to take it one day at a time, period. It’s all about a “win the day” mentality.

Go ahead and get after it. This is your story and your legacy.

What are you waiting for?