Milwaukee July 2022

Right before Annual Meeting, we want to invite YOU to the Uncommon Bootcamp for Advisors & Field Leaders. This is where the BEST get BETTER.


Who this is NOT for:

  • This event isn’t for everyone – it’s not for those NOT willing to take action.
  • This is not for those that will choose to make excuses.
  • This is not for those that get seduced by success.

Who this IS for:

  • This is for Advisors that are ready to take their practice to the next level.
  • This is for Advisors that feel like they might be plateauing at a certain level of success and can’t break past that next threshold to increase their income per FF.
  • This is for Field Leaders that are ready to implement the UNCOMMON mindset in their leadership in order to help create impact and massive levels of success in those they lead.
  • This is for Advisors and Field Leaders that are ready to put in the WORK to achieve their best year ever!

What YOU can expect:

  • Bootcamp with Ben Newman, former FORUM advisor and now one of the most highly regarded Sports Performance Coaches and Top 50 Speakers in the entire world
  • Lunch
  • Access to a private community online
  • Access to the Financial Advisor Academy
  • Your Mental Toughness Playbook ebook
  • Achievement Celebration Happy Hour hosted by Dustin Krause, Performance Coach & Director of Development in Milwaukee at the next Annual Meeting (Summer 2022)
  • Copy of Ben’s book Uncommon Leadership
  • Complimentary 30-day follow-up coaching call with Dustin Krause, Performance Coach & Director of Development

Why work with Ben?



On the Day Play-By-Play

10AM – 12PM – Business Meetings

12 – 1PM – Working Lunch / Q&A

1 – 3PM – Business Meetings

3 PM – Light Snack  / Break

3:30 – 5 PM – Business Meetings

6 PM – Adjourn


“Is this right for me?”

Many advisors are worried about taking too much time away from the business. Remember, you have to be INTENTIONAL and set aside time to work ON the business instead of IN the business.

“I get pumped up at Regional/Annual Meetings but after being back home for a couple of weeks I revert to old rhythms. How will this be different / drive lasting change?”

We care a lot about CONTINUED GROWTH and CONTINUED IMPACT. Ben and Dustin have follow-through value adds to ensure that you will have on-going support and growth to make 2022 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER.

How do I sign up?

I’m interested! Please click on the survey below to SAVE YOUR SEAT and express what YOU want to get out of this bootcamp. This survey is designed for us to gain clarity on YOUR needs so we can fully support you in achieving your goals. CLICK HERE to LOCK-IN your spot.