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Speaking Topics

  • Decipher Your Advisor DNA
  • Presented by Patrick Brewer
  • Business Development on Autopilot
  • Presented by David DeCelle
  • Accelerating Trust with Exponential Relationship System
  • Presented by David DeCelle
  • Discover Your Zone of Genius
  • Presented by Patrick Brewer
  • Unlocking Growth with Specialization
  • Presented by Patrick Brewer
  • The Psychology of Referral Marketing
  • Presented by Dan Allison
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About Model FA Team

“Trust is not simply built based on elapsed time, but rather the accumulation of experiences which can be condensed over a shorter period of time.”

David DeCelle is the President of Model FA, leading a talented team on a mission to serve thousands of advisors all over the world. David is passionate about helping advisors create a memorable client experience to build a client base of raving fans that willingly and proactively give referrals.

“To achieve balance and the quality of life you deserve, you need to decide on a niche and build your business around it. If you do this right, you won’t regret it.”

Patrick Brewer is on a mission to equip financial advisors with the knowledge and the tools they need to grow and thrive. He is the founder of Model FA, a complete coaching and consulting platform dedicated to financial advisor success. Patrick is passionate about helping advisors optimize their marketing strategy, solve tactical problems that stand in the way of exponential growth, and reach their full potential.

“Nearly every professional has already laid the foundation for every business development goal they could possible imagine. Bending over and simply picking that opportunity up seems to be the most difficult thing to do.”

Dan Allison knows how to get your clients talking — to you and about you. As the creator and chief evangelist of the Feedback Marketing method, Dan has developed a client engagement process that can double or even triple your current referrals and introduc- tions. Dan has taught thousands of industry professionals how to use his behavioral-based process to turn clients into enthusiastic and convincing referral sources. Dan also serves as the managing partner of Brokers Clearing House (BCH), a company that connects fiduciary financial advisors with the best insurance solutions for their clients’ needs. Dan’s book, “Feedback Marketing How to Duplicate Clients, Attract Prospects, and Create Advocates… Without Talking,” is avail- able on Amazon and wherever books are sold.