Chris Koon FInancial Advisor Coach and Speaker

Christopher Koon

Financial Advisor Coach | Sales Coach | Keynote Speaker

Speaking Topics

  • How to achieve success in financial services
  • Maintaining a positive mental attitude under pressure
  • Overcoming sales objections
  • Identifying, chasing, and exceeding BIG goals
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About Christopher Koon

Many have heard adversity builds character. But, they fear the internal STRENGTH to overcome and DOMINATE life. Spend time with Chris Koon and his passion and heart will inspire YOU to never give up and always overcome.

It is said that the toughest industry in the world is Insurance and Financial services. Personal adversity turned to triumph has enabled Chris Koon to make a difference in others’ lives for over 25 years as a Financial Advisor at a FORTUNE 100 powerhouse company. BUT, that career almost never happened.

As a child, Chris was in danger of falling through the cracks of the educational system.  His energy and enthusiasm were mistaken for inattention and rowdiness, and he was also diagnosed with dyslexia.  Daily reprimands and low marks on assignments made Chris feel like he was incapable of attaining success.

Find YOUR passion and calling….

“I enjoy inspiring people to discover their true gifts and talents which lie within and need to be awakened.”

Fortunately, Chris discovered his talent for long distance running at an early age.  Finishing ahead of older and more experienced runners in races instilled in him a much-needed feeling of achievement and self-confidence.  When his local newspaper wrote a feature story about him entitled “Marathon Boy”, Chris began to believe that anything is possible.  Chris would draw on the strength he gained from these successes to help him overcome obstacles in school and throughout life.

Chris’ love of running has not abated.  He has completed 19 marathons including the Chicago and Boston marathons, and he broke the 3-hour barrier twice in 2009.  Chris inspires thousands each year with his motivational message and personal story.

Every decision matters….

“Think Big, Live Large and realize anything is possible if you do the work, have the correct mindset and develop the right relationships.”

Chris purchased his first life insurance policy as a young adult, and quickly understood the importance of taking control of your financial future.  That financial decision planted the seed for one of the most successful insurance practices in the industry today. Chris is a Lifetime Member of the Million Roundtable, a Master Achievement Awards winner with career production in the industry top 1% with over $10m of career production.

Chris would share with YOU that his greatest success is his marriage to his wife, Lisa Rose, and their beautiful family with their three children, Berkley, Ava, and Gunnar.

Spend time with Chris and YOU will be empowered to discover YOUR strengths and follow YOUR dreams.

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