Molly Crimmins

Molly Crimmins

Mental Performance Consultant | M.S. Sport and Performance Psychology

Speaking Topics

  • “Strong is a State of Mind”: Mental Strength and Conditioning
  • Athlete Decoded: discover what it takes to be an elite athlete
  • Holistic Athlete Development
  • Hacking Your Flow States
  • Effective Self-Coaching: Strategic Goal Setting & Accountability
  • The Power of Possibility: when you change what you believe is possible, you change what becomes possible
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About Molly Crimmins

Molly Crimmins is a Mental Performance Consultant specializing in athletic performance. A 24-year old from St. Louis, Missouri, Molly received her undergraduate degree in Business Management at the University of Missouri and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Applied Sport Psychology through Adams State University.

Molly has worked with a variety of athletes across several different sports, taking a holistic approach to consider all life factors and aspects of the individual (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional). The development of her methods and coaching style stem from her educational background, scientific study and research, insightful best practices observed from top sport psychologists and mentors, and her own exposure to fast-paced, high performance environments.

Molly’s professional career has consisted of working with and around top performers, including the Los Angeles Sparks, University of Missouri Athletics, the St. Louis Blues during their 2019 Stanley Cup Championship run, and her participation in the 2021 NFL Combine prep observing first-round draft picks, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson.

Molly is passionate about working with athletes to train the mind in the same way, and with the same intensity and frequency, as the body. Working alongside industry-leading performance coach Ben Newman, she has developed her “Athlete Decoded” playbook to deliver the tools and techniques that guarantee personal and professional success. Molly’s consulting approach is trusting, authentic, positively direct, accountability driven, and both action and results-orientated.

Completing over 400 hours of mentored hours, she will be certified as a Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology in December 2021.

“The reality is, talent alone only gets you so far. If you truly want to be great, you have to develop the mindset and habits that will get you there. You need to be willing to work harder than everyone else, sacrifice the things that others won’t, and push yourself when most would give up.”