Speaker Highlight: Executive Coach, Sean O’Brien


In case you missed the live interview with executive and performance coach, Sean O’Brien, you can catch the replay and highlights here!


Who is Sean O’Brien?


Sean O’Brien has spent his professional career in the healthcare business, grooming some of the best people in the Medical and Healthcare Technology space, achieving a level of success that allowed him to more than tenfold his company’s revenue. Sean’s passion for inspiring leaders and cultivating a never-say-die attitude toward accomplishment is as genuine as it gets. His message is straightforward, and his approach will assist you in breaking down any barriers that have been preventing you or your business from accomplishing your objectives. Sean started his journey when his friend introduced him to Ben Newman, and as time passed, he had realizations and is seeking what to do next.

He got more connected to Ben, and through him, a new door of opportunity has opened for Sean. He has always been passionate about developing talent, culture, and leaders. From there, he invested more energy in coaching, speaking, developing, and it’s been an incredible journey for him and energized to see how he impacts people through his passion. He has worked with professional athletes, big organizations, and business owners.

Some pieces of advice from Sean on how an organization can establish a culture of high performance?

His take on this is to tailor fit his skill with his audiences, emphasizing consistency, habits, routines, and how you know your team and show them you care.

As Ben joins the interview, he adds that building a great team includes struggles, ups, and downs. We have strengths and weaknesses, but we do our best every day and commit the best we can to serve others. Ben has started his journey 15 yrs ago, and now he is proud that he was able to build a great team and continuously soaring high. With this, Ben gives emphasis on patience that we will be able to achieve something. We just have to be patient and go through the process.

Engaging in improvement doesn’t have any shortcuts, and you should get to know your team and what are the things that we need to do to have your people engaged.

Sean recommends is to always “do one more thing” and get the momentum started!


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