Speaker Highlight: Financial Educator, Hillary Seiler

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Get to know Hillary Seiler!


Here’s a little background of Hillary and her work.

Hillary Seiler is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®) and financial coach that teaches people how to manage their money effectively. She founded Financial Footwork, a financial education platform that guides people through the stress and failures of having little or no financial knowledge. Her method, which is based on the athlete mindset, converts the strategy of winning at athletics to winning with money.

Ben talks about having a good and strong relationship with Hillary and their mutually involved organization. Ben expresses his appreciation to Hillary for her success and being a genuine person and passionate with all her work. Ben describes Hillary as a person who has a huge capacity and a person who has an “I can do it” perspective.

As the interview goes on, she talks about how she started her journey.

Her career started when she worked with football players in an organization transitioning to the NFL way back in 2018. As she went on with her career, she thought about diving into a new chapter in her life where she realized that she could be something and thought about her excellent financial handling skill. After five years, she has accomplished her education and built financial programs, and later she realized that it is her passion and that she is looking to help others and share her expertise. She believes that she is called to help people with money to attain their financial freedom, and it has become a huge success presently.

As the pandemic hit worldwide, she started financial footwork where she wanted to help consumers take that athlete mindset and transition and train their money like a workout program. She adds that it’s like an exercise routine that could be correlated with how they manage their money, wherein she believes that we can win with money and learn what we can do with money to attain a fully successful financial life.

For Hillary to have things done and stay in line, she stays focused on results, and for her, it should not be a short-term goal; instead, she makes it a habit to follow her success plan for the day and makes it a routine, she always looks forward on how to be productive each day.

Hillary shares that one of the big money mistakes is budgeting. According to her, budget is like a playbook and that people make bad choices with money wherein she shares an important lesson that it is a must to stick with the budget because most of the time, people end up doing things differently and make bad choices with money since they don’t follow a map on how to handle their budget right. She believes that money is more of a mental game and anything else. It is a mindset and a choice.

A final note from Hillary as the interview ends is that she challenges all of the viewers to write down what money they spent today, where they spent it, how much they spent, and why they spent it. After that, tally and look at what choices they made today that had a positive and negative impact on their financial picture and what things they need to change tomorrow.

In this interview, Hillary dropped gems for us to make us ponder what should we really be doing with our money!


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