Overcoming Adversity: How Do You Respond When Facing a Challenge?

Does overcoming adversity mold your character in order to drive your future success?

Did anyone ever tell you that success would be easy or that it would come without overcoming adversity along the way?

Overcoming adversity now doesn’t mean adversity lasts forever

Allow me to share the improbable journey of a janitor named Sam who is now living his best life possible, doing what he loves to do every single day and proving that dreams become a reality when you never stop believing. He’s living proof that your mentality determines your reality.

From a young age, Sam always dreamed of being involved in the game of basketball. He was inspired by NBA players like Kobe Bryant, who kept raising the bar and crushing records. Once a janitor, Sam now works for the top NBA skills coach, traveling around the country to film NBA players and even train NBA and collegiate players himself.

When is the last time you wrote down your goals?

After reading this article, spend 30 minutes away from your phone and other distractions and write out your vision, then identify daily action steps to get you there.

Sam’s focus on his lofty goals at a young age was misconstrued by his small-town peers as outlandish and egotistical. He often felt like an outcast. But in reality, he was just motivated to become great.

His drive and hard work enabled him to play collegiate level soccer. But one day, Sam got injured and was physically unable to keep up with the game. He was forced to move back in with his parents and take a job as a janitor. Day after day of picking up trash and cleaning toilets in his hometown made him feel like a failure.

I’m sure you know the feeling. You recognize there is a downward spiral leading to depression and poor decisions that can stray you from your goals. But it’s important to understand how you respond when you face challenge and adversity. The most successful people focus on solutions rather than problems. Where is your focus?

Rock bottom can be a great lesson for overcoming adversity

After hitting rock bottom, Sam knew he had to make a change. He refocused his goals, quit janitorial work, bought a camera and started filming for free around his hometown. This spark of determination may have seemed outlandish and risky to his hometown peers, but his actions ultimately led to his notoriety by one of the top sports facilities in the world. It happened to be a landmark for NBA players in the off-season.

Sam’s dream of being surrounded by the game of basketball was right in front of him. He knew that through his strength and perseverance, all he had to do was prove himself. His hard work impressed the skills coach who hired him to cover his training, film his workouts, manage social media and provide film edits for his NBA clients.

Never stop believing in you

Your current location is not your final destination.

Have a vision, act on it daily and never quit. Sam proves you never know when your next great opportunity will come.


I encourage everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Without adversity, there cannot be any success. Never stop fighting the good fight. Don’t ever quit. Max effort pays off.