How Big Are You Willing To Think?

We are at a critical period of time in 2018. One month into the calendar year, many people already start to pull away from the goals that they set for themselves.

When you set a large goal for yourself, it’s inevitable to feel like you need to change it. There are 12 months in a year, and many people, if they fall behind early, think about giving up. But there is no strength or power in changing your goals.

If you are behind where you wanted to be, don’t forget — it’s only been one month. Don’t lose sight of the fact that success takes hard work. It takes grit, conviction and perseverance over long periods of time.

I have always been surrounded by great coaches and mentors who pushed me to be my best. In coaching, one of the key ways we enable individuals to stay connected to a growth mindset is to always understand the process that drives their success rather than allowing their feelings to dictate how they show up. Take one day at a time rather than focusing on a result that you can’t control.

When is the last time you evaluated the daily action steps that drive your success?

The power of the mind is so significant. If you tell yourself you’re behind and that you just won’t be able to make it, typically, you end up not making it. But I have always found when you continue to fight and believe, you can capture your mindset and stay focused on the work.

Don’t protect yourself. Remain uncomfortable. The moment that you become comfortable and stop pushing yourself to grow impacts your ideal performance. Being uncomfortable and challenging yourself is what drives an ideal state of performance and steers clear of being seduced by success.

One of my dear friends and mentors, Dr. Jason Selk, always says making yourself uncomfortable speeds up the process of mental toughness. People may also tell you to change your goals and to not think so big. Often, it’s because they are unwilling to think big enough for themselves.

If you stay connected to your purpose and what drives you to get to the next level, you will have any burning desire to continue to believe in yourself. So put in the work. Stay in your lane. Be relentless. Be intentional every day in your actions. And don’t forget to set big goals.

The right mentors and coaches will be there to pick you up off the mat of life on the days that you just don’t feel like doing it. As always, remember to stay focused on what you can control, not the things that you can’t control. Your daily discipline is 100% in your control, coupled with an ideal mindset and a belief in yourself. Win one day at a time based on your effort.

What is your next big goal?

How big are you willing to think?


About the Author:

Ben Newman Companies. Performance Coach, Speaker and Author for Fortune 500 Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Professional & NCAA athletes.