Everything You Need to Know About Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event

To start with, let us have a glimpse of what a “Hybrid Event” is…

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What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event combines parts of a traditional face-to-face event with some of the most popular virtual elements seen in online events. These events bring the best of both worlds together, offering one-of-a-kind experiences for both in-person and remote guests. If you’ve ever organized a physical event, you know how difficult it is to have attendees and industry experts all in one area at the same time. To host a successful in-person event, you’ll need a lot of time and resources. Virtual events are simpler to organize, but they may detract from the experience for those who live nearby and would like to attend in person.

In this post-pandemic world, more and more event pros are considering hybrid events. Everyone is satisfied with the hybrid model, which also has a lot of other advantages for you to consider.

What are the advantages of a hybrid event?

Let’s talk about how you can get the best of both worlds.

More People to Attract

With the hybrid option, you may keep existing in-person guests while also attracting new attendees who may not be able or willing to travel to the event in person. You can contact those who live far away from your event, even in other countries, or who might otherwise be unable to attend for whatever reason.

More Value for Sponsors

Your event’s sponsors and suppliers will be able to contact both in-person attendees and a much bigger audience at home. This adds value to your event partners by allowing them to gain more brand exposure than was previously feasible. Sponsors will benefit from more exposure, which will result in increased sponsorship money for your event.

Broad Engagement Options

You can live-stream guest speakers and meetings so that both in-person and online attendees can see them, and then make the content available on-demand after the event. You can have the option to record the engagements and attendees can re-watch these sessions as many times as they like, ensuring that your message is remembered long after the event has ended.

Less Carbon Footprint

As more individuals choose to attend online, you lessen the environmental impact of travel, food, and disposables such as samples, promotional materials, paper, and other items. With the option of hybrid events, your event might be perceived as more environmentally friendly.


Given the fact that we are currently facing one of the biggest problems worldwide with the pandemic, it certainly is a struggle for everyone since we can no longer continue doing what we normally would like having large scale events or seminars. Through hybrid events, we can host and broadcast to our attendees wherever they are.

Kinds of Hybrid Events

Light Hybrid

The event is taking place in a physical location with a virtual audience watching in the background. During the presentation, all of the connected touchpoints for a lite hybrid event take place. For example, real attendees attend the seminar while the virtual audience watches the live feed.

Sequential Hybrid

The actual and virtual events take place at different times. Although they occur at different times, the sponsorships, content, and exhibitors may be the same. To keep things simple, there will be no cross-networking between audiences during the event. A smartphone app, on the other hand, may make actual event networking easier.

Complex Hybrid

This might easily be considered the future of hybrid events, as well as the most popular. Physical and virtual events can take place at the same time in a complicated hybrid event. Sponsors, exhibitors, and content are all identical. Chat, matchmaking between audiences, and other cross-networking touchpoints are available through the mobile app. There may even be check-in and screen technology accessible for some complicated hybrid events.

Event technology has advanced dramatically, from immersive event design and video production to cutting-edge platform features that expand worldwide reach and audience size. These are all the things that you need to know about a hybrid event, which is swiftly becoming the new normal in event planning. Hybrid events are a new and rapidly growing trend in the event industry. In the future, we expect hybrid events will be a wonderful method for organizers to maximize their efforts and reach greater audiences with their brands and messages. When interacting with your suppliers, producers, and event employees, be mindful of the terminology you’re utilizing. Even more crucial is the promotion and communication of the event structure and involvement to attendees.

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