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Speaker Highlight: Financial Educator, Hillary Seiler

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In case you missed the live interview with Hillary Seiler, you can catch the replay and highlights here!   Get to know Hillary Seiler!   Here’s a little background of Hillary and her work. Hillary Seiler is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®) and financial coach that teaches people how to manage their money effectively. She […]

3 Top Ways to Develop Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

Physical fitness receives a lot of attention, and for good reason: it can help you avoid illness, as well as live a long, independent life. But mental fitness—having a healthy and strong mind to manage the obstacles and possibilities that life throws at you—is often overlooked. Unsurprisingly, challenging or stressful times can put your mental fitness […]

10 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Book a Top Keynote Speaker

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Whenever we are engaged with an organization, there are responsibilities attached to it and we should embody growth in every aspect that it may come with. It is one of the biggest factors in maintaining a healthy relationship among your peers. Let us share with you, 10 Reasons why your organization should book a top […]

How to Host a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual Event

In every event that we have host or even attend, we always look forward to having a blast and making minimal to zero lapses in the event as much as possible. However, there might be unexpected circumstances and this article will be a big help if you are planning to host a successful virtual event! […]

S.M.A.R.T Goals and Why They’re Important

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As we kick-off the New Year, let’s talk about GOALS. Setting goals is one of the best strategies to improve the workplace — from team communication to better manager-employee relationships and higher worker efficiency. Goals also aid in the development of a sense of accountability and allow individuals to track their progress. Setting goals and […]

What Makes a Great Leader

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Traditional leaders are frequently associated with masculine characteristics such as ruggedness, decisiveness, and authority. However, times have changed. Different forms of leadership abilities are required in today’s business. Aside from leading people towards the welfare of all, there is a huge responsibility attached to being a leader and how you would bring a light atmosphere […]

Why Partnering with a Speakers Bureau is a No-Brainer

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Bureaus are similar to talent agents for speakers if you’re not familiar with the term. Finding a skilled keynote speaker can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Finding the appropriate speaker for talks, conferences, or events often involves several considerations than they thought, prompting them to waste time grappling with speaker specifics. Speakers bureaus can […]

How to Make Sure You Hit Your Year End Goals

Year End Goals

It’s a particularly difficult time for salespeople because clients and leads are typically equally busy, and the last thing they want to do is answer cold calls or respond to emails. However, there are strategies to keep your sales crew enthusiastic, positive, and winnable during the Christmas season. Here are a few examples. Improve your internal […]

Top Leadership Books of 2021

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Top Leadership Books of 2021 Being able to achieve and to be on top of something we aspire comes with huge sacrifices, and being able to stay sane while striving for the best, comes with guidance and inspiration. The decisions that we make in our daily lives have a huge impact on what we may […]

How to Choose a Keynote Speaker

We often speak to many event planners, office managers, executive assistants on elements they should consider when figuring out how to choose a keynote speaker. This article was written to give you tips to make your decision process to hire a keynote speaker easier.