YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook

Price: $37.00

Are you ready for the next level of YOUR success?

This playbook is about YOUR mental toughness and embracing the fact, that your success is not just about changing your habits it’s about changing the way that you think. The most successful people are those who exemplify the importance of combining great habits and passion for the process with their ability to embrace adversity and challenge, to remain strong in driving their goals to completion. In this program YOU will explore six phases of YOUR Mental Toughness.

The phases include:

  1. Attaining Belief in Yourself
  2. The Power to REFRAME
  3. YOUR “I AM” statements
  4. YOUR Prizefighter Day
  5. YOUR Legacy Statement
  6. YOUR Environment for Greatness

This program has seen proven results with athletes in the NFL, PGA, and NCAA as well as Fortune 500 executives and top business professionals all over the world. Are you ready to embrace YOUR mental toughness?